KLÜ 8-Inch Tablet PC with Capacitive Touch Screen, Android 2.3 and 4 GB Memory

by KLÜ - Dummy NIS Code
Price: $159.00
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  • 4 GB Internal Memory, Expandable via SD Card Slot to 32 GB
  • Android 2.3; 1.2 GHz Processor; 512 MB SDRAM
  • Built in Camera

Inexpensive Android Tablet: KLÜ 8-Inch Tablet PC.

However, if you have tried something like the For those who wish for the cheap tablet that can be used to watch YouTube videos, surfing the Internet and for central home entertainment, the price tag will be worth looking into. You might not notice this if you are new to using tablet PCs. The irony about buying an extraneous SSD drive is that it might cost more than your $160 KLÜ tablet. That is not a lot but you will also find out that this 8 inches tablet PC only gives you 512 MB of SDRAM. This 8 inch tablet PC runs on the android 2. 3 and only offers 4 GB of celebration. You might find out that after playing around a while with your KLÜ 8-Inch Tablet PC, you might feel the need for better performance.

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Klu by Curtis Touchscreen 7'' Internet Tablet LT7028 Android 2.1 os

KLÜ 8-Inch Tablet PC FAQ

  • Question: I have a android curtis klu .8" come up tablet. ?
    i have the curtis klu border tablet do i have to hav a sd card be for i kan use wifi some one help me out

    I have the same one and just set it up tonight and no i did not have to have an SD probable to connect to WiFi.

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